Cantonese Dim Sum features a wide variety of small, bite-sized food portions, served on small plates or in small steamer baskets, and typically served for breakfast or brunch. Savory or sweet, dim sum dishes contain fillings like beef, chicken, pork, shrimp, eggs, vegetables, and much more. 

The culinary traditions of dim sum can be traced back many centuries to teahouses along the ancient Silk Road trading route, where merchants would often stop for a brief rest and a small snack with their tea. The modern version of dim sum was perfected in Canton, the capital of Guangdong Province, and in Hong Kong. Since the 1950s, dim sum service began to spread throughout China and the rest of the world. As an integral part of the Chinese culture, we are proud to bring these flavorful bites to Oklahoma City, right here at Kwan's Kitchen!

New to Dim Sum?

If you have never tried dim sum, we recommend starting with classics like Deep Fried Shrimp Balls, Siu Mai (shrimp and pork dumplings), or the unique Wu Gok (fried taro croquette). If you have a sweet tooth, you absolutely must try the Egg Tarts, Mango Pudding, and Coconut Milk Jello.

There are a few simple rules for getting the most enjoyment from your dim sum dining experience:

  • Don't over-order. The carts will keep coming around, so you can always get more!
  • Nibble, don't gobble. Although dim sum portions are bite-sized, the flavors are best appreciated in even smaller bites. Also, freshly steamed or fried dumplings can be extremely hot, and a burned tongue will really put a damper on the rest of your meal!
  • Don't worry about your chopstick skills! Many items are best eaten as finger food, or with a fork. Of course, if you are already highly proficient with chopsticks, feel free to show off a bit.
  • Share! Dim sum is a very social type of cuisine; much of the enjoyment comes from exploring the food with friends and family.
  • Show your appreciation. A traditional code of "thanks" is to tap your index and middle fingers twice on the table, with the hand closest to your server. This is the dining equivalent of a bow of gratitude.

Learn More

After perusing the menu below, take a look further down for some fun videos all about dim sum!








The recent hit movie Crazy Rich Asians has several scenes lovingly centered around traditions of Chinese food. The phrase "dim sum" literally means "to touch the heart," and our chefs put as much love and care into the preparation of dumplings and food here at Kwan's as they do for their own families.


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