Kwan's unique design was influenced by the Wu Xing, or "Five Elements" - Wood, Earth, Water, Fire, and Metal. They represent types of energy in a state of constant interaction, and the balance of all five elements brings peace and luck to those who achieve it. 

Every element of Kwan's was chosen to bring balance to the lives of our guests, and the peace that comes from the contentment felt at the end of a delicious meal experience with family and friends. 




Chef Pak K. Kwan began training in the kitchens of Guangzhou, China, when he was 16 years old. After mastering the art of Cantonese cuisine, he became the Executive Chef at Cheng's Garden in Belgium and specialized in French Chinese fusion. 

In 2004, he relocated to the United States and opened Fung's Kitchen in the heart of Oklahoma City. In 2018, Chef Kwan and his development team opened Kwan's Kitchen. It is the first French-Chinese restaurant in Oklahoma City.

The highest goodness is like water, for water is excellent in benefiting all things.